About Us

What is BioCrypt and what do they do?

We are BioCrypt Technologies, Inc! We are incorporated in the United States of America. We are based out of NY State.

We are using RFID and NFC technology coupled with Blockchain in order to help reduce and eventually eliminate the need for carrying so much around with you day to day.

Our initial plan is to start with a CryptoCurrency Cold Storage Wallet. From there we will be able to incorporate payments through the chip by syncing your cards to it. (Think of this similar in fashion to google pay or apple pay). We fully expect and are already able to unlock your computer using a BioChip or BioBand in conjunction with our USB Reader. The reader is plug and play with no drivers needing to be installed. You can use this and couple this together with our authentication and security. This will allow you to access restricted information and verify who you are and where you are simply by scanning your chip. This leads us into the Supply Chain Management area. By being able to scan the chip (We have also been working to develop this into a smaller form factor that can stick to boxes or packages) you are able to verify that a certain amount of whatever item has been scanned through the specific location. You can also verify authenticity in the same manner since the authentic product can have a specific code which can be scanned and then verified of where it has been and where it had originated based on all the information that it will have logged to the blockchain.


We plan to be able to offer Smart Locks and eventually smart home integration. We will be working on a hardware lock that will allow you to simply scan your BioChip or BioBand to verify that you have authentication to unlock the lock and enter wherever is being protected by the lock. This will be able to range from Door locks, Padlocks, and even vehicle ignition systems.

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Meet our team

People behind our success

Eric Reed

Founder / CEO

Michael Howell

Project Manager

James Saxton

Operations Manager

Eileen Quenin


Charlie McCoy


Dr. Gregory Mabry

Chief Medical Advisor